Each ShowcaseDemo.com artist member receives a


  1. your embedded 3-10 minute AUDIO and/or VIDEO demo on YouTube...

  2. 3 studio or live action photos;

  3. a 300 word bio/intro, with your booking info and (Optional) fees;

  4. Link(s) for downloadable  files:  .pdf, excel, txt or word doc;

  5. Hyperlinks to your website and/or email address;

  6. increased exposure leading buyers to your website

  7. a web-based media server, with one of America's largest and most stable ISPs--with a proven 99% uptime.

Would love to be on the site, but

We can videotape you at the next APCA Conference  ...or you can send your edited demo to us on a DVD or VHS tape.


If your demo is already in a 2-5 minute quicktime format (up to 13MB) You may submit it by email or on a CD-Rom with your photo, up to a 150 word bio and contact information including website, agency name and email address.


$25 for up to 3 years for artists/agents using footage shot at APCA conferences.   Up to up to 3 MP3 links may abe added at no additional charge


For quality control purposes, showcases shown here are at the discretion of management and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Submissions are judged based on quality of presentation, editing and available space in a particular category. Your submission of content means that you have read and agreed to our User Notification & Terms of Services

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