Alain Nu

Mentalist Extraordinaire

STAR of TLC 's TV series

"The Mysterious World of Alain Nu"

Featured on TV, radio, and newspapers worldwide, NOW bring the STAR of TLC 's TV series "The Mysterious World of Alain Nu" to YOUR CAMPUS!

For college programming boards, Alain Nu keeps it real. He'll make you see things that aren't there and feel things you can't feel. The impossible is made possible, and you're sitting right there. Ride the waves of random chance; watch your friends be put under a spell; metal objects may bend in your hand, and he'll tell you what you're thinking...under hypnosis. YOU'LL read the mind of another! Spoons will bend and twist like snakes! Self-fulfilling prophecies are made!

Alain Nu has a style that is all his own. He's high energy; he's dynamic, and his show is like getting the straight dope about something you can't possibly explain. Clairvoyance, thought control, synchronicity, mind over matter, it's all rolled up in this show, and YOU can book it!!!


  1. BulletAlain's ESP Show runs a solid 60 minutes!

  2. BulletDiscounted rates for colleges only!

  3. BulletLarge auditoriums or smaller rooms, no problem!

  4. BulletTechnical requirements are a minimum!

  5. BulletGreat photos, posters and downloadable tent-cards to help you promote your event!

  6. BulletFor colleges, Alain Nu is a sure-fire hit!

  7. BulletAlain Nu, the most entertaining show you'll ever WONDER about!

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