Stephen Banick

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“Enlightening and entertaining”
                  – George Barton, Director of Career Center, Univ. Texas-El Paso

International entrepreneur, author, edutainer and “career catalyst” Stephen Banick inspires students and professionals for passionate careers and exciting leadership roles in the emerging “Global Workforce.” Book Steve to introduce you to a New World – that’s already here, now…test

Stephen’s program clearly illustrates what I keep seeing – every career counselor should become familiar…

                  – Julie Collier, Career Counselor and Co-op Ed. Coordinator, Sacramento State Univ., CA

Website & Booking info:

The Gulliver Project, Inc.
9504 E. Sunnyside Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Stephen Banick addresses colleges students on how the "shrinking world" of globalization and multiculturalism is presenting unprecedented challenges and opportunities to new career seekers - and what some of those awesome new careers are that career counselors or job fairs aren't talking about...