Lorna Bracewell

Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

Nominated APCA Best Solo Artist of 2006

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DCA Productions

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With a vocal intensity often compared to Melissa Etheridge, a driving rhythm guitar like Ani, and songs that hit you in the face, gut, or heart, but with grace and wit, Lorna Bracewell is ready for any audience.

Del Suggs calls her "original yet familiar, an amazing performer who totally connected with the audience." Lorna Bracewell is folk-rock with a message. She is completely at home on stage, telling stories of her day, joking with audience members, and winning fans with her hooky original music and Ani and Melissa covers. Then she rocks your worldview with a song that cuts you deeply and challenges you to question your assumptions and aspirations. Lorna is also in demand as a college speaker, and her newest workshop, "Love 101: Rethinking Love, Sex and Power" was voted a Top Ten Session at the 2006 Florida SGA State Conference. Lorna Bracewell brings conscience and conviction to college campuses, with a unified message in her music, her speaking, and her life.




Love 101: Rethinking Love, Sex and Power

  1. In "Love 101: Rethinking Love, Sex and Power," students will learn to identify patterns of abuse in dating relationships. To this end, students will be challenged to think critically and more expansively about concepts such as "politics," "gender," "masculinity" and "femininity."

  2. Ultimately, students will be empowered with strategies to end patterns of abuse in dating relationships and encouraged to work to change cultural norms and values that promote such violence.


Don't Stop Now 13-song original album 2001

Little Miss Obvious 8-song original album 2003

God Forbid 10-song original album 2005

Live for CASA 14-song live original album 2005

Live for CASA 12-song live original DVD 2005

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